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Take out an Emergency Christmas Loan With CLEVR Money

christmas loan

There’s no denying the fact that Christmas is a magical time of the year, one in which families who might not meet up much throughout the rest of the year get together, friends socialise in the spirit of seasonal goodwill and kids get to see exactly what Santa has brought down the chimney for them. On the flipside of this, however, is the sheer expense of the average Christmas. It’s this expense, which is often unavoidable, which means that the answer to the stress of Christmas could well be taking out an emergency Christmas loan with CLEVR Money.

In an ideal world it might be possible to save up all the money you need to spend at Christmas, and not have to take out an emergency Christmas loan, but we know that for a lot of our members the financial landscape is far from ideal. No matter how hard you try to put some money aside throughout the year, it can be easy to have all of your plans ruined by an unexpected cost such as an oven having to be replaced or a family pet requiring treatment at the vets. Alternatively, you might need a Christmas loan because day-to-day expenses make it simply impossible to put sufficient money to one side. It really doesn’t matter why you need your emergency Christmas loan, CLEVR Money is here to help.

christmas loan

CLEVR Money is an ethical lender, which means that the Christmas loan you take out with us will be provided at the fairest possible interest rates. That’s because we operate on a not-for-profit basis, so we don’t focus on getting the highest possible repayments out of our members. Instead, we work with them to provide an emergency Christmas loan that is affordable, with a repayment plan they’ll be able to meet without losing any sleep. Another part of being an ethical lender is that every Christmas loan we provide comes with absolutely no hidden fees, charges or penalties in the small print. We work in a completely transparent manner, so when you take out an emergency Christmas loan you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay, for how long and what the rate of interest will be.

Once you’ve given us all of the information we need we’ll try to reach a decision about your Christmas loan as quickly as possible. Once an emergency Christmas loan has been approved the money will be transferred into your account and you’ll be free to get on with planning your Christmas. It doesn’t matter whether you need a small loan for a few last-minute presents or a larger amount to redecorate the house in time for family members coming to stay. Whatever your emergency Christmas loan has been borrowed to finance, you’ll be able to spend the money safe in the knowledge that you won’t be starting the new year with a worrying or frightening debt hangover. Take out an Christmas loan with CLEVR Money and enjoy the fantastic gift of financial peace of mind. 

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