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A Credit Union Christmas Loan Can Make Things Easier

Can you believe it’s just two months until Christmas, where has this year gone ? Well, we know the answer to that don’t we? Frankly it’s incredible to think that planning for Christmas has already started in ernest with many retailers already promoting their seasonal products and festive fare.

christmas gifts

However, after the year we’ve just had, and the financial difficulties many people are facing going into Christmas 2020, even thinking about paying for all of the presents, food and other treats can be a huge source of stress.  The good news is that CLEVR Money is here to help the community all year round and a credit union Christmas loan might just be what you need to make Christmas as special as it can be.

When members take out a credit union Christmas loan with CLEVR Money they know that they are dealing with an ethical lender. This means we don’t lend money just to make a profit for faceless shareholders. Our members are our shareholders and our aim is to help them and our community.

When we approve a credit union Christmas loan we do it to help that member to get a fair and affordable loan, and avoid loan sharks or unfair high interest lenders. This means that, unlike many payday lenders, we can keep our interest rates as fair as possible. 

merry christmas ornament

We can make that promise because every credit union Christmas loan we offer is dealt with in a completely transparent manner. We don’t believe in hidden fees or extra charges in the small print, and we never lend more than we think a member can afford to pay back. When you take out a credit union Christmas loan with us you can relax in the knowledge that the repayment plan is affordable, because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t approve it.

We’ve made the process of taking out a credit union Christmas loan as quick and simple as possible. Once you’ve given us all the information we ask for we’ll try to process your application as quickly as we can, and if the loan is approved the money will be transferred to your bank account. That’s when the seasonal fun starts, since a credit union Christmas loan means that you’ve got the money in your hand to create the Christmas you’re dreaming of. That might mean buying the gifts you’re children have asked for, making memories with those friends and family you are able to see, or perhaps stocking up on enough delicious food and drink to make the very best of the festive season. Whatever your idea of the perfect Christmas is, a credit union Christmas loan can help you to make it happen. And, if you borrow from us, you won’t be worrying about the credit card bills or payday loan demands that start coming through the letterbox in January. Ask CLEVR Money about a credit union Christmas loan today and start planning a Christmas time that you and your family are never going to forget.

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