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Our short term loans could be the answer

Here at CLEVR Money we take great pride in understanding the lives of our members. Unlike large banking corporations or a national high street lender, we’re firmly based in the heart of our local community, and understand exactly why our members might sometimes need to take out one of our short term loans. Over the last 12 months, lockdowns and restrictions have plunged more people than ever before into financial uncertainty. Whether you’ve been furloughed from work and had to get by with less, or if your income has halted entirely, one of our short term loans could help you.


For some of our members, short term loans make it possible to cover an unexpected cost such as having to replace a broken kitchen appliance or getting the car repaired. For others, it might be as simple as new school uniforms for kids, or just to cover household bills until the next payday. Whatever the short term loans are needed for, we can lend you the money in a transparent and ethical manner.

Our commitment to ethical lending is underlined by the fact that we operate on a completely not-for-profit basis. This means that the interest rates on our short term loans are fair and are available to improve the lives of our members rather than simply pulling in profits for faceless shareholders.

Being ethical also means that we offer our short term loans in a completely transparent manner. In simple terms, if you borrow from us you’ll know exactly how much each repayment will be and, more importantly, what the total of interest you’ll pay back. We also make sure that we don’t lend any more than each member can afford to pay back, meaning that our short term loans offer a stress-free solution to temporary financial problems. We can also promise that there will be no hidden fees or charges in the small print of our contracts.

We’ve made it as simple as possible for members to apply for our short term loans online. Once the relevant information has been provided we work to reach a decision as quickly as possible. We understand that loans of this type might sometimes be urgently required. So, as soon as our short term loans are approved, the money is transferred directly into the members’ bank account. Thanks to our commitment to ethical lending and customer service, our members have the peace of mind of knowing that they can deal with financial problems in an affordable and stress-free manner.

*Representative example.

Borrowing £500 over 10 months will require repayments of £58.62 per month. Total amount repayable is £586.20 which includes interest at 42.6% Representative APR, Annual interest rate (fixed) 36.0%

The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

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