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International Day of Charity

International Day of Charity

We're not a charity, we are a not-for-profit organisation. What's the difference between charity and not-for-profit you ask?

Charity is an organisation that helps out without getting paid in return. Most of people involved are volunteers. Oxfam, Age UK, Bernardo's... The rely on what they receive from members of the community, either in object or in cash. To open a charity, there are specific criteria that must be met first. If you are interested how to set up a charity, check the Set up a charity government information.

A not-for-profit organisation is simple business that doesn't make profit, called co-operative. Those business are owned by their members. A NFP must have employees to run the operation. There are lots of regulations to protect the members who are the shareholders of the organisation. Money earned from selling is used to improve services, pay for costs and cover all operational expenses, if the earned money is more than expenses, it is split between members/shareholders. So there is no bonuses or profit made on services.

The International day of Charity is announced by the UN 11 years ago to say thank you to all volunteers who made a change in our lives. But it seems that it is not well-known yet.

We want to shout out for all volunteers and charities that have changed lives over the years.

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