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Hi from our new apprentice

CLEVR Money Apprentice

Hi, I’m Lewis Slater, the new apprentice at CLEVR Money. I’m 16 and from Fleetwood and I’ve really enjoyed my first few weeks here. I didn’t know much about credit unions before I applied for the apprenticeship, but when I found out how CLEVR Money helps people in the local community, I really wanted to work here. I was thinking about training to be an accountant, but I’ve changed my mind as I much prefer working with people face-to-face and not just with numbers. I’m really enjoying working on the front counter. I get to meet loads of people and like helping them out, and the team here is fantastic - everyone is so lovely.

It’s great to know that I’m part of an organisation that is making a real difference in people’s lives. Some of our members are really struggling with their finances and come in looking so worried before they meet with our loans team. So when they leave with a smile on their face like the weight is lifted, there’s no better feeling! I’m not a loans office myself, as I’m on the Business Administration side, but I play an important part by creating a warm welcome for everyone who walks through the door and deal with their questions, helping them to feel comfortable and making sure they have a positive experience.

I’m just at the beginning of an exciting journey with the credit union and I am so thankful to CLEVR for giving me this opportunity to learn and gain my qualifications, and put something back into the community.

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