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World Youth Skills Day


World Youth Skills Day - every 15 July

You're young, still have option to choose what path to take in your life. The options are many and temptations are more. But how to choose your career? What skills do you need? How can you become good at things when you know nothing about? How do you know you have chosen the right path?

One thing to keep in mind is answering the question: What achievement brings you joy? Is it working with people, or working with things? Is it caring for people or caring to fix things? Is it creating objects to look at, use or sell? Is it providing help to needed people? If you cannot answer that, it's good to test things out.

The UN has announced the World Youth Skills Day to spot light on the importance to skilling our your people. Their approach is to show the importance of getting young generations build specific working skills to become good at why choose to do, either employment, work and entrepreneurship. This year they set the theme to be skilling teachers, trainers and youth for a transformative future. We want them to know the how and the why but let them lead their future by themselves. We can only contribute with our knowledge.

The most important thing we believe in is that you, young person, are becoming part of the society and be useful by contributing with your intelligence and learned skills with sense of social responsibility. Learn more about the World Youth Skills Day empowerment.

Understand how to benefit yourself first so you can benefit your community. Think about yourself first means you build up yourself.

As a responsible credit union, we can help you have a balanced finances so you pursue your future with financial security. If you want to learn more, read about what credit unions do for their local communities to help maintain a healthy financial stability. The World Youth Skills Day is our sign to help our young people thrive in their lives by building their skills.

Financial stability means that you can afford paying your bills and have a decent life, while you can build your basic savings and able to buy what you need without the stress of debts. If you think that is not possible with today's economy, then think again.

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