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Why CLEVR Money Loans are the Best Loans

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The magic of Christmas may bring even more joy and relief than usual after the year we’ve been through, but it’s worth making sure it doesn’t end up costing more than you can afford.

Even if you’ve managed to save a little, having enough to fund everything that goes toward making Christmas special can be all but impossible. The good news is that here at CLEVR Money we offer the best loans we can, to help our members make ends meet.

The best loans that we offer can range from a few hundred pounds to as much as £15,000 and members can borrow to spend money on whatever they like. You might need to take a CLEVR Money loan to buy your kids the dream present they’ve been badgering you for, or to provide all those festive treats that everyone expects. For many people, Christmas is the perfect excuse to invest in a new sofa or dining table, but whatever you need the money for, our best loans make borrowing easier and more affordable than ever.

A key aspect of our best loans is the fair rates we are able to offer our members because we operate as an ethical lender. Being a responsible, not-for-profit organisation, means we have certain obligations. Everything we do – from the interest rates we set to the way we process loans and the amounts we chose to lend – is done in order to make the lives of our members and the communities in which they live better, rather than to simply pull in money for shareholders.

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We call our loans the best loans because our interest rates are affordable, and we never lend our members more than we think they can comfortably afford to pay back. The repayment plan will be created in such a way that the monthly or weekly payments are affordable, and don’t cause anyone any sleepless nights. Another feature which makes CLEVR Money loans the best loans is the transparent way in which we work.

Our loan agreements come without hidden fees or penalty clauses in the small print, and we make sure that members know exactly how much they will be paying back in total and what each repayment will be. We’ve made the application process as simple as possible and offer a convenient online option. So once a member has given us all the information we need to make a decision, we’ll process the loan as quickly as possible. If the loan is approved the money will be transferred to their account straight away, leaving them free to spend it as they wish.

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