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The Best Value Loans Preston Offers

When we say we provide the best loans Preston has to offer we’re talking about lots of different things. First and foremost CLEVR Money is run as an ethical lender. Because we’re a credit union the people who save with us and borrow from us aren’t just customers or account holders, they’re members. We see ourselves as one big CLEVR Money family and our members in Preston are part of that family.

best value loans preston offers

We don’t have to turn over a massive profit, so any money we do generate is used to offer better services to our members and to improve the quality of life in the areas where we operate. Providing the most affordable and convenient loans Preston offers is a large part of this, and our status as an ethical lender means that we keep the interest rates we charge affordable. Unlike many lenders, we don’t have to charge rates that pull in huge amounts of money to pay bonuses for executives, so we can supply affordable loans for everything from a new car or a family holiday.

No matter what you need to take out one of our loans in Preston for, we’ll work with you to come up with an amount and repayment plan that we know is affordable. We know there’s not much point in borrowing money to deal with a problem if you’re then going to have sleepless nights about meeting the repayments. That’s why we work in a completely transparent manner.

When you take out one of our loans in Preston you’ll know exactly what’s happening at every stage of the process. Unlike some lenders we don’t pack our contracts with hidden fees, charges or nasty surprises in the small print. What you’ll see is exactly what you’ll get, and that means knowing how much you’re borrowing, how much you’ll eventually have to pay back, the amount of each individual repayment and how long you’ll have to make those payments for.

When you apply for one of the best loans Preston offers you’ll find yourself dealing with a real person, not some distant call centre or computer programme. We’ll take all the information we need and then we’ll come to a decision as quickly as possible. We understand that you might need the loan for an emergency such as getting your car back on the road or replacing a kitchen appliance, so once your loan is approved the money will be transferred into your account. If you’re shopping around for a purchase such as a holiday or a car, this will put you in the ideal position of being able to haggle knowing that the money to pay for the item is ready and waiting, rather than having to accept the much worse terms that in-store credit deals usually advertise.

If you’d be interested in one of the most affordable loans Preston provides then contact us today. We’ll explain the process in detail, answer any questions you might have and list the advantages of being a member of CLEVR Money. Once you become part of our family, we’ll make sure you’re looked after.

Preston sessions are held every Wednesday morning at the Farringdon Park Community Centre in Thirlmere Road and alternate Fridays from 1pm to 4pm at the Sion Park Community Centre in Longridge Road and at Oak Tree Court Community Centre, Preesall Road in Larches.

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