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New hotline launched to provide faster help

You know that sinking feeling when you miss a phone call?

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When you’re busy with a million things and wish you had more than one pair of hands.

At the local credit union CLEVR Money we know that feeling all too well. From time to time our hardworking team of six can be inundated with telephone calls and, because we don’t use a call centre and we genuinely want to speak to each member directly, sometimes a few calls will go unanswered.

We always get back to anyone who leaves a message that same day, but we feel awful if anyone has to wait for more than three rings. So we put our heads together to find out how to make things better for our customers. First we’re directing our web-savvy members to check out the members area on the CLEVR Money website where they can check balances and make transfers just like with any online banking provider.

Second we’re working hard to extend our community appointment scheme, more news on that soon.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, we’ve launched a new Loans Hotline. This number is just for anyone needing to apply for or discuss a loan, and we’ll have a dedicated member of staff manning the line all day.

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As a not-for-profit community organisation we are sometimes limited with resources, especially when one or two of us are already meeting face-to-face with some of our 4,800 members. But we firmly believe that one-to-one contact is vital for providing the best help we can, in the quickest time possible, and that’s why we’ve set up the new hotline.

So, if you want to become a member, find out account information or withdraw money, you can visit the website, make an appointment to visit us in Birley Street, on Mereside or in Preston, or call the usual number.

But if it’s credit you need - to get through the lean times or to cover a major purchase - or want to discuss an existing loan, then call the credit union Loans Hotline on 01253 478390

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