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Finance Home Appliances With CLEVR Money

With another Christmas over and a new year just beginning, many people look to make a fresh start in some way or another. Perhaps it’s a new exercise regime or a diet or making plans to join a club or find a hobby. Others will be looking around their homes and wondering what’s looking a bit tired and could do with replacing.

Here at CLEVR Money, we understand that our members have a lot on their plate when it comes to dealing with simple day-to-day finances, and that’s why we offer to finance home appliances through our loans at fair interest rates.

You might have had a washing machine for a few years, or decide that your cooker isn’t up to the task of feeding a hungry family any more. Whatever it is that needs replacing in your home, we know how difficult it can be to put the money aside to pay for it. Many stores offer credit deals of their own of course, but choosing to finance home appliances in this way often means dealing with extremely high interest rates and being limited to where you can buy from. The weekly or monthly payments may be affordable, but by the time you’ve finished paying the full amount off the actual cost of your appliance will have increased by a sizeable amount.

When you finance home appliances through CLEVR Money, on the other hand, you know you’re getting a fair deal. We’re an ethical lender, which means we set our interest rates to be as fair as possible to our members. Another advantage when you finance home appliances with one of our loans is the fact that we’re completely upfront with you. There are no hidden charges or extra fees in our loan arrangements, and we’ll always work to create a payment plan that we’re sure you’ll be able to afford.

When you finance home appliances with us we keep the application process as simple as possible. You’ll know exactly how much you’re going to be repaying every month, and what the total amount of interest will be. We don’t lend more than you can afford to borrow. We don’t want our members to suffer sleepless nights worrying about paying their loans back to us, and we do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Once you’ve provided us with all of the information we need we’ll try to make a decision as quickly as possible, and once a loan is approved the money will be paid into your bank account. When you finance home appliances with us you’re free to shop around for the best possible deal, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the money in the bank to pay in full up-front and haggle for the best price. Whether you want to fully revamp your kitchen or just splash out on a dishwasher, the ethical loans offered by CLEVR Money are the simplest and most affordable way to finance home appliances.

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