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CLEVR Money offers the Best Loans for Cars

car parked from behind

Here at CLEVR Money we’re used to providing loans for our members for a huge range of requirements. Often members borrow a little to fund smaller purchases such as school uniforms or white goods, but we’re equally happy to lend larger amounts for those bigger ticket items like home renovations, holidays, weddings and cars at fair and competitive rates.

When it comes to the best loans for cars, we know our offer compares extremely favourably with even the best finance deals offered by dealerships.

You see the finance packages offered by dealers are full of small print and extras which can mean they are far from being the best loans for cars. The interest rates offered, for example, may be higher than what you’d get from a straight loan, and the payment plans often include extras for things like small scratches or bodywork issues. Much of this tends to be hidden away in the small print and excited buyers can often end up signing agreements without fully understanding exactly how much they’ll be liable to finally pay back.

cars in parking

What makes our car loans the best loans for cars is that we’re not car salespeople. We’re not interested in making the sale or scoring the commission. We’re loans experts helping people manage their finances, so we’re absolutely transparent about exactly what you’re borrowing and will be paying back.

When entering into a finance agreement we make sure you understand all of the details; how much the weekly or monthly repayments will be, what the interest rate is, and how much will be paid back in total over the duration of the loan. We also guarantee that there will be no early repayment fees, and that members borrowing from us will enjoy fair interest rates.

We can promise all of this because we are a not-for-profit, ethical lender. By offering the best loans for cars we help our members to avoid the small print and get the car they want. And by having a credit union loan, you’ll have superstar purchasing power because you’ll have the cash up front and might even be able to negotiate yourself a deal.

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Once the loan has been approved the money will be transferred into your bank account and you’ll be able to offer full cash payment up front. This makes it much easier to drive the best possible bargain and asking for extras such as a full tank of fuel or a set of mats for example, safe in the knowledge that a car dealer will be keen to take the money rather than deal with a finance company. And, crucially, once you’ve purchased your car with one of our best car loans the vehicle belongs to you.

Representative example. Borrowing £15,000 over 60 months will cost £335.18. Total amount repayable is £20,110.80 which includes interest at 12.9% APR. The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

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