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A CLEVR Money Home Appliance Loan Can Help Out in an Emergency

Here at CLEVR Money we understand how a seemingly simple thing like a home appliance breaking down can have a huge impact on the finances of our members. Needing to purchase a new cooker, fridge freezer or washing machine calls for a big investment, and very few people have that kind of money going spare at the click of their fingers. That’s why we offer a home appliance loan.

washer and dryer

A home appliance loan from CLEVR Money can cover the cost of a replacement and let you pay for it quickly. That’s important when the washing is piling up or you can’t cook the family dinner, so we make sure our loans are paid out as soon as possible.

We know that many well-known high street stores offer credit deals on their home appliances which enable shoppers to get their hands on a replacement without having to find the money to pay for it up front. The downside of deals like these, however, is that the interest rates charged are often extremely high, meaning that shoppers end up paying much more for their new home appliance than they would if they could pay in full. A home appliance loan from CLEVR Money, on the other hand, comes with a fair interest rate, as part of our responsible lending policy.

We can make that promise about every home appliance loan because we operate as an ethical lender. In simple terms, that means that we are run on a not for profit basis. Instead of having to set interest rates to maximise the money we bring in from our members, we can keep them as fair and affordable as possible, and any money we do generate will be ploughed back into improving our local communities and the lives of our members.

new fridge

There are other aspects of our home appliance loan which reflect our status as an ethical lender. Every home appliance loan will be processed in a completely transparent manner. A home appliance loan agreement from CLEVR Money won’t come with any extra fees hidden in the small print or additional charges sneaked into the contract, and we’ll make sure you understand perfectly exactly how much you’ll be paying per week or month and how much the total to be repaid will be. We treat our members as human beings, not simply as numbers on a computer screen, and we never lend more for a home appliance loan than we think you can afford to pay back.

Once you’ve provided all the information we need, we’ll deal with your application for a home appliance loan as quickly as possible. If the loan is approved we’ll transfer the money directly to your account, putting you in the fantastic position of being able to shop around for the best possible deal and get the appliance you need in place as quickly as possible.

*Representative example.

Borrowing £600 over 12 months requires repayments of £60.28 pcm. Total amount repayable £723.36 including interest at 42.6% Representative APR, Annual interest rate (fixed) 36%. The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status.

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