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Transform Your Home With a Furniture Loan

Furniture loan

We get to know our members very well, and that’s just one reason why we realise they have extremely good reasons for coming to us to borrow money. Taking out a furniture loan is just one example of a good reason to borrow money, and a furniture loan from CLEVR Money can be much more affordable than one borrowed from another lender.

A furniture loan is the ideal way of funding those purchases which often can’t be covered from day-to-day funds. If one of your kids suddenly needs a new bed, for example, or a dinner chair collapses underneath you, saving to buy a replacement isn’t really an option. On the other hand, borrowing from many other lenders, or buying the furniture on a payment plan, can result in you having to pay back much much more than the actual item is worth. The good news is that if you join CLEVR Money to take out your furniture loan you’ll be borrowing money from an ethical lender.

There are many factors which go toward being able to call ourselves an ethical lender, but perhaps the most important is the fact that we lend money on a not-for-profit basis. This means that the interest rates we charge aren’t set on the basis of trying to bring in money to fund bonus payments. Instead, we can keep the interest rate on a furniture loan as fair as possible, creating a payment plan that you’ll be able to meet without getting stressed, having sleepless nights or having to borrow more money from someone else.

furniture loan

You can take out a furniture loan for smaller items or larger purchases, such as new carpeting throughout the house or a three piece suite. One of the many advantages of a furniture loan of this kind, is that it will put the purchasing power in your hands. With the money we’ve lent you, you’ll be able to shop around for the best price possible and find exactly the item you want to put in your home, rather than having to settle for the first thing you can afford.

We charge fair interest rates on a furniture loan to everyone who takes one out with us. The rate we advertise is offered to every member, rather than just a few, and we’ll work with you to set up a payment plan which we know you can afford. In addition to this, we work in a completely transparent manner, meaning you can be certain that there are no hidden fees, no set-up charges and no penalties if you’re able to pay the furniture loan back ahead of schedule.

Once you’ve provided all the information we’ve asked for, we’ll process your application as quickly as we can. If we approve a loan, the funds will be transferred to your account, putting you in the extremely enjoyable position of having genuine choice, of being able to go out and buy the items you need, safe in the knowledge that you can easily afford them.

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