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Paying for Christmas

I know it’s only the middle of November, but many people are well into their Christmas shopping already.

And for a lot of CLEVR Money members, they’ll be buying their gifts using savings they’ve squirrelled away over the last year.

Last week we released the cash in our Christmas savings accounts, and it was the highest saving pot ever.

paying for Christmas

Members put away more than £172,000 between them, meaning that this Christmas will be a little easier on the wallet than it could have been.

Many of our savers used to be borrowers, and have done a great job working with the credit union to put a little away each week so they’ve a bit of a nest egg at the end of the year.

We’re incredibly proud of that, because it’s exactly what we’re here for.

For those members who didn’t manage to save for Christmas, there’s still the option of a Christmas loan at a fair and affordable rate.

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As an ethical lender, we don’t lend out more than you can afford, and we have much lower interest rates than payday loans companies, so the overall amount paid back is fair.

And we can work out a repayment plan which not only helps you to pay back that loan, but you can also start saving a little each week to create a nest egg for next year.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic next November, to be one of those CLEVR Money members withdrawing your Christmas savings for a worry-free festive season?

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