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Introducing the Family Booster, our new Child Benefit Loan

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The ethical loans we provide at CLEVR Money can be used for a huge range of things. Many of our members borrow to fund expensive one-off items such as a new car or a large kitchen appliance such as a cooker or freezer. For others we are the perfect lender when it comes to borrowing money to pay for school uniforms or the annual family holiday. Or our fair and affordable loans can be used simply to keep things ticking over until pay day.

We’re constantly working on developing new loan products designed to suit the needs of our members and the lives they live. Our new Family Booster loan is a perfect example of this.

We know that some of our members have problems borrowing money at fair interest rates elsewhere because they have a poor credit rating, and we believe that this is something for which they shouldn’t be punished. We understand that a poor credit rating can be caused by a range of issues, from a period of financial difficulty in the past to the fact that a person hasn’t had a credit card or loan in the past.

That’s why we are always happy to receive applications from people with poor credit ratings and we can work with them to improve their finances.

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Our Family Booster loan, for up to £300, is approved using both affordability checks and credit checks. However, because we treat each of our members as an individual, not simply a set of statistics, and base our lending on the current state of their life and finances, we’ll make our own decision based on your personal circumstances.

We never lend our members more than they can afford to pay back and, in the case of a Family Booster loan, you will set up a direct debit, standing order, or use a benefit such as child benefit to pay the money back automatically over a period of 26 weeks, which keeps things as simple as possible.

Our Family Booster loan is another example of our commitment to being a truly ethical lender. The Family Booster loan comes without any hidden fees or extra charges. When you take out the loan you’ll know exactly what you’re going to be paying back, every week and every month as well as in total, and the loan itself will be paid in full after just 26 weeks. Our members can also apply for a top up loan after 13 weekly payments, enabling them to borrow a little more money at the same affordable interest rate, and with the same simple mechanism for paying the money back.  

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