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Transform your Surroundings With A Home Improvements Loan


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread and dramatic. First and foremost there have been the health impact to consider, with thousands of families around the world having to cope with the loss and illness of loved ones. For the majority of people an even more noticeable aspect of the pandemic has been the lockdown, and the focus it has placed on the homes in which they have been forced to spend all their time. That’s why now might be the perfect time to consider taking out a home improvements loan.

Being compelled to spend virtually all day every day in our homes for a prolonged period has made any problems more obvious than ever, and got you thinking about how a home improvements loan could help. These problems could range from something as simple as redecorating the kitchen or putting a new carpet in the bedroom, all the way up to major improvement work such as converting a loft or adding an extension. However you decide to do up the house, we’ve got a home improvements loan that could make it happen.


The good weather we’ve had lately has also meant that people are spending a lot of the lockdown in their own gardens, tending to plants, mowing the grass or simply soaking up a bit of sun. A home improvements loan could be equally effective when it comes to transforming the garden, with the cost of features such as decking, sheds and new garden furniture covered by a loan.

The advantages of taking out a home improvements loan with CLEVR Money don’t begin and end with the spending power you’ll enjoy when you shop around online or even visit your local garden centre. Because we’re an ethical lender, our loans are offered with the fairest rates possible. We don’t have to generate huge profits for shareholders, so we can keep down interest rates to our members. Any income we do generate is ploughed back into our local community, with the intention of improving the lives of our members and the places in which they live as much as possible.


A home improvements loan from us comes with a guarantee of no strings attached. You won’t have to worry about extra charges or fees hidden in the small print, and once you’ve provided us with all the information we need we’ll work to process your application as quickly as possible. If your loan is approved then the money will quickly be transferred into your bank account, leaving you free to decide exactly how you want to improve your home or garden. The knowledge that you have the cash you need leaves you free to shop around for bargains, ignore any high interest credit deals and haggle for the best possible price.

We’re proud to be here for our members in the good times and the bad. We’ve kept operating throughout the lockdown, ensuring that any of our members who want a home improvements loan from us, can still access fair and affordable credit despite the wider disruption.

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