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Our Home Improvement Loans Can Transform Your Life

home improvement loans

Here at CLEVR Money, we provide home improvement loans for our members to use however they want to. In some cases, these home improvement loans will be used to carry out major building improvements such as knocking through between rooms or adding an extension. Alternatively, you may live in rented accommodation and want one of our home improvement loans to invest in essential white goods like a cooker, washer or fridge freezer. In either case, CLEVR Money home improvement loans offer an ideal solution.

When people think about borrowing money from a credit union such as CLEVR Money, they often make the mistake of thinking that we only offer small loans to deal with temporary cash flow problems. While we are of course able to provide loans to help with emergencies like car repairs, plumbing problems or unforeseen costs, our home improvement loans demonstrate there is much more to CLEVR Money than simply borrowing a few hundred pounds.

home improvement loans

Our home improvement loans offer larger amounts which put the spending power firmly in the hands of our members. Once you’ve taken out one of our home improvement loans you’re free to shop around and find the very best deal you can for whatever it is you need. Knowing that you have the cash in your bank account and don’t have to ask for a store credit arrangement, this will put you in the strongest possible position when haggling over the price of an item of furniture or large kitchen appliance.

The other advantage of taking out home improvement loans from CLEVR Money is that we are an ethical lender. Unlike most other lenders we are run on a not-for-profit basis. This means we can offer fair interest rates designed to make our home improvement loans affordable for our members. The home improvement loans we provide come without any strings attached.

Unlike some lenders, CLEVR Money don’t hide extra charges or fees in the small print, so when you take out a loan with us you know exactly how much you’ll be paying back every month, and how much interest you’ll be paying in total. We’ll create a repayment plan which is affordable, enabling you to spend the money you need to spend with complete peace of mind that you can afford what you need to buy.

Once you’ve given us all the information we need to make a decision, we’ll try to let you know as quickly as possible, and when a loan is approved the money will be transferred into your account. CLEVR Money’s affordable home improvement loans give members the right foundation for making the changes they want to make when it comes to transforming their homes.

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