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Last Minute Holiday Loans Online

holiday loan

If you’ve not had a chance to book your summer holiday yet, and would like to take advantage of any last minute bargains on offer, then applying for one of our holiday loans online could be exactly what you’re looking. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a couple of weeks in the sun, a quick break in a seaside bed and breakfast or a driving holiday around the Scottish Highlands, our holiday loans online will give you the freedom to shop around and find exactly what you’re looking for.

We understand how hard it can be to put aside the money you need for a summer holiday. It can often be difficult simply to make ends meet, and a couple of emergencies like a washing machine having to be replaced or a car breaking down can eat into any savings you do manage to build up. We don’t see why our members should have to go without treating themselves and their family to a change of scenery, however, and so we provide holiday loans online that are affordable and convenient.

holiday loan

The reason why our holiday loans online are so affordable is that we’re an ethical lender. Put simply, that means that we’re not in the business of making as much money as possible out of our members, because we’re run on a not for profit basis. We don’t have to bring in money to pay big bonuses to our executives. Instead, we can keep our interest rates fair and use any money we do make to help make the area in which we’re based in a better place for everyone.

Our fair interest rates make us a better option than many high street lenders or even the big high street banks, because we understand that borrowing money to pay for your holiday isn’t going to make you feel better if you end up lying awake at night worrying about the repayments. That won’t happen with CLEVR Money because we’ll only lend an amount that we think you can afford to pay back, and we’ll set up a payment plan that you can easily meet. We’re completely transparent every step of the way, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re agreeing to, and you can rest assured there won’t be any hidden charges or extra fees buried in the small print.

All you need to do to apply for one of our holiday loans online is provide us with the information we ask for, and then we’ll make a decision as quickly as possible. If we approve the loan the money will be paid into your account, and then you’re free to start looking around for those last minute deals that involve prices being slashed as we get nearer to the end of the holiday season. You can bargain with providers safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the funds to pay up front, something that makes it easier to haggle for the best deal possible.

If you’ve not been able to book your holiday yet then take out one of our holiday loans online, find a bargain and start dreaming about your summer break.

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