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Back to School Supplies Loan

It is the back to school season and families across the country are wondering how they will pay for the kids new back to school supplies and uniforms. You can read more about other loans and check out our calculator if you need other amounts. Remember also to check if you missed on any benefits you can claim with our benefits calculator.

If you want to spread the costs of back to school supplies and uniform, to make it more affordable, our £500 Family Loan is here to help. Your ideal cheap back to school supplies loan is from the local credit union, CLEVR Money.

There is no credit check and should be paid off via child benefit.

Here are some things that you could use the back to school supplies Family Loan for:

  • New school uniforms

  • Bus pass

  • Stationery

  • School trips

  • School shoes

  • Sports equipment

  • PE kit

  • School bag

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