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Our Xmas Loans Take the Stress out of This Time of Year

There’s really no getting away from the fact that Xmas is coming. Most of the shops don’t even bother to wait until Halloween to get the Xmas crackers on the shelves, and before you know it they’ll be playing the same couple of Christmas songs over and over again. That’s why this is as good a time as any to start thinking about taking out one of our Xmas loans.

Our Xmas loans are designed to let our members have the kind of fantastic Christmas that we think they deserve. We know how difficult it can be to save up for Xmas during the course of the year. Once you’ve budgeted for day-to-day expenses, and the bills we all have to pay, and then paid out for extras like school uniforms and summer holidays, it can be difficult to have anything left over to put aside. Our Xmas loans are the ethical, low interest solution to this problem.

children dressing Christmas tree

There are a huge number of things you might want to spend one of our Xmas loans on. In the first place, you might want to be able to treat your kids to the kind of gifts they’re asking for, and then there’s the food and drink to pay for and the cost of putting up any relatives who come to stay. In simple terms, our Xmas loans make it possible for our members to budget for Christmas without worrying that they’ll be paying off high interest rates well into the New Year. We’ll only lend you what we know you can afford to pay back and like all of our loans, our Xmas loans are charged at an affordable interest rate.

We can promise all of that because we’re an ethical lender, the interest rate which we advertise is the same for all of our members, and we go out of our way to lend to people who might find it difficult to borrow elsewhere. There are no hidden fees or extra charges in the small print, and any money we do make is put back into helping our local community.

We like to think that our Xmas loans enable our account holders to relax and enjoy Christmas and the New Year, rather than spending the time stressed over how to afford everything. We get to know our members as an individuals, so your loan application will be dealt with by someone who has your best interest at heart, rather than some faceless call centre or a remote computer.

Once you’ve applied for one of our Xmas loans we try to give you an answer as quickly as possible. When the loan has been approved it will be transferred to your account, leaving you free to get on with planning and buying exactly the Xmas you want.

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