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Hi, I’m

Hello people,

As always, I'm up for the next challenge, what is more random than working with a significant credit union in a sunny beachside town in the North West?

I digital design but I combine virtual life with real life. My specialty is online engagement and storytelling. Over 24 years of experience in various countries and cities, within diverse environments and even languages, in other words, been there, done that. It's time to put the knowledge in the right place.

I never thought I would love working within the financial sector, always seen it as the most boring thing ever!! To my surprise, that is the best ever risk I've taken. The humanitarian purpose of CLEVR Money, as not-for-profit and with the vision of financial wellness of our community, it's been my drive to reach out to our community around Lancashire to build awareness how to reach financial stability so you focus on what is important to you. This can't be more relevant than today's cost of living insanity.

You'll see me hanging around a lot and always open for a chat. I like my coffee strong, please!

CLEVR Money team decorating for Pride Month

Now, we're entering a new stage of development. You might have noticed our new website, we need everyone to know that becoming a credit union member is beneficial for individuals and the whole community because we have the power and we need to use it clevrly. I wish I learned about credit unions years ago, that would have made my financial journey much easier! Let's raise awareness together!

At CLEVR Money, I work with few very beautiful souls who care so much about our community. Their success is measured by the happiness they bring to individuals and families they help, and that is my goal now.

Do you want to learn more about credit unions? Or debugging financial myths? Exposing the financial mind lacks? Talk to me at

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